Home Loan Closing

Your realtor helped you find the perfect home.  Your banker helped you get the great mortgage rate.  Let us conduct your closing so that you can move into your dream home. Thought you had to use an attorney? For the unusual or extremely complex cases, an attorney may be necessary, but for the average home loan or refinance,

Blue Ink Original can handle your settlement proficiently and save you money.

When purchasing property, it’s very important to know the zoning, HOA rules, easements, and encumbrances. How do you access your property? Does the neighbor drive through your property to access his/hers? All are very important issues, and we do the search here and make sure it’s right so you know exactly what you’re purchasing. Let’s face it, if you don’t know these things and should any of them make you unhappy when you discover them, you won’t be able to return your house to the store.