When rates drop or you want to take out some of the equity in your home or commercial property for improvements or other investments, it’s time to refinance your original mortgage. It’s important that you trust the people who close your refinanced loan. Your settlement company needs to make certain that your previous lender is paid in full and that the prior lender has released the borrower from the debt; if not verified, you risk future trouble when you try to sell or refinance again.

At Blue Ink Original, we go the extra mile to make certain your previous loan is released. That sometimes means countless phone calls and diligent follow-up to ensure that the borrower isn’t charged for additional interest and is able to easily sell or refinance in the future.


 Our refi experience has been great all-around, culminating with our seamless settlement with Blue Ink. Jennifer and Beth are friendly, knowledgable, professional and detail-oriented – everything you want in a title company!

-David & Carol