Puppy Page

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Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Well we’re doing it again. Meet Hayes! A sweet boy who came from Guiding Eyes on July 30, 2018. He’s adjusting beautifully to his office environment, but does need a nap every now and then.

This is Balsam! Jane picked her up from Guiding Eyes’ headquarters July 15, 2017. Balsam is very sweet and mellow.  Balsam returned to Guiding Eyes on August 13, 2018 and is officially in training.  Make us proud girl!


Naboo puppyPuppy Naboo came to us from New York where another volunteer began raising her.
Sorry to say, Naboo wasn’t meant for guide work. The training stressed her out. So, she will go on to be somebody’s excellent pet.

Our second puppy, Mint. Cute and full of mischief. Mint put her head up the chimney and came out with the marks on her head. Well, it was Ash Wednesday…
Mint graduated October 17, 2015 and is now a Guide Dog for Ann living in Michigan.



loretta1712We began raising Loretta in October of 2012
Loretta is officially a Guide Dog! She graduated September 13, 2014 and is now partnered with Barbara and living in Massachusetts.