Our True Blue Promise

  1. You will be treated with courtesy, kindness, and respect.  We’re nice people and we like working with nice people – like you.
  2. When you call to request fees, your calls will be answered by a real person.  We will stop what we’re doing and immediately send those fees to you in writing.
  3. The order, including the title search and commitment, will be delivered on time.
  4. You won’t be left wondering what’s happening.  We promise to keep you and your team informed throughout the settlement process.
  5. Your documents will be on record in the appropriate circuit court before the blue ink is dry.
  6. You want your money fast, so we promise to deliver the loan, payoff, seller proceeds and realtor commissions right away.
  7. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – we’ll complete all of the post settlement paperwork and get it to the appropriate parties within a day or two following closing. (The legal requirement on title insurance policies is 30 days).