When will we be recorded? (And why does it matter?)

This past week was an interesting one.  We conducted the seller side of three closings where the buyers opted to use another title company/attorney.  Both one of the other title companies and other attorney are fairly new to the area, and the other title company was out of our region (Front Royal, Warren County).  None of these entities conduct their own title searches.  That’s nothing earth-shattering since Blue Ink Original is the only Front Royal title company that does conduct local title searches in-house.  But what we did find shocking is that none of these three companies update and record their own transactions – not even the law firm!

Why does it matter?  Having to use a subcontractor to update and record greatly delays the recording of the Deed and Deed of Trust documents with the appropriate circuit court.  Disbursement of funds is done following recording, so delaying recording delays the disbursement of funds.  As you can imagine, this caused great frustration for our sellers, the real estate agents and delayed payment of payoff funds for the sellers’ mortgages.  While the buyers are often untouched by these frustrations, one seller was about to delay they buyer’s move in until payment was received.

Updating, recording, and disbursement of funds is something that should be completed immediately following settlement.  Blue Ink Original makes these functions an immediate priority.  So if you’re a realtor, you get your commission promptly.  If you’re a seller, you get your old mortgage immediately paid off and your sales proceeds immediately.  If you’re a buyer, you don’t have an angry seller delaying your move-in.

For a smooth Real Estate Settlement with no unnecessary recording delays, choose Blue Ink Original.