We may be in a small town but we offer BIG service!

Blue Ink Original (formerly known as Professional Titles) has been in business since 1990.  Our staff is highly experienced and we’ve taken on new technology challenges with gusto!  We are always looking at the latest technology and offerings to see what can streamline our business and improve our offerings.  We started with our settlement platform; we tested many providers until we found the best for our business.  With this platform, we are flexible, lean, and mean! 

Then we took on the “E” world, e-recordings and now e-closings.  With these offerings, we can close a real estate transaction for any property in the Commonwealth of Virginia without the client having to leave his living room!  We are actual licensed e-notaries.  That means, to e-close with Blue Ink, there’s no third-party notary that pops up on settlement day.  The client works with the same folks he’s been working with from the onset. 

Now let’s look at price.  Because our overhead is lower than our larger counterparts, our prices are lower as well – often half that of the NOVA settlement companies.  And, if both the buyer and seller close with us, both parties get a $100 discount. 

Okay, we’re less expensive.  Does that mean our service isn’t up to par?  Absolutely not!  Blue Ink Original is highly rated and we go above and beyond for our clients.  Just check out our reviews.  We may be from a small town, but we’re pure professionals when it comes to getting your closing completed accurately, promptly, and affordably.  Most of our business comes from repeat clients and we strive to keep it that way!

So, if you’re hesitant about using a smaller company not thinking they have the experience, remember Blue Ink Original.  We may be in a SMALL town but we offer BIG service.