We Can do Something about China

For years we have heard that we should buy products “Made in the USA”.  But China has done a great job of undercutting prices to entice us to buy Chinese products.  Amazon, Walmart, Target, 5 Below, Harbor Freight, Rural King and Dollar Stores (just to name a few) are full of cheap Chinese goods that we snatch up thinking we’re getting a great deal.  Yep, the prices are awesome.  But are the products really all that good?  Usually not.  (Just a quick note, I’m not blaming the retailers. They’re supplying what we demand.)

Now we have the Corona virus also known as the Wuhan virus.  Whether it originated in Wuhan because they have a virology lab and they created the virus and unleashed it on the world or because someone in Wuhan ate a bat because he was starving doesn’t matter.  China kept critical information from the world causing this horrible pandemic.  I hear people say that China should pay.  What are we going to do – send them a bill?  Of course not.  But if we Americans and the rest of the world STOP purchasing Chinese products when we can, they will pay in the form of economic pain that they’ve never experienced before.  Additionally, we’ll uplift American manufacturers and American businesses to grow our economy as we recover from the economic effects of the Wuhan virus shutdown.

Most importantly, we need to stop China out of respect to those worldwide who lost their lives to COVID-19.  So, what can you do?  Buy American when you can.  Buy from a country other than China when something isn’t made in America.  There are going to be times when the Chinese product is the only option.  If you need it, buy it.  But when you have a choice, spend a couple dollars more to avoid Chinese products.  The Chinese leadership has declared themselves our enemy.  It’s time we economically fight back. And before I’m called racist, think about all the Chinese child slave labor that goes into making those inexpensive Chinese items.  Do it for them as well.

I’ve asked Amazon to identify which items come directly from China.  Please join me in requesting that from Amazon.  We’ve all experienced the frustration of ordering something that we expect in a couple of days and it takes weeks because it’s coming on a slow boat from China.  It’s hard to know before ordering where the product originates.  Let’s ask all of the retailers we patronize to easily identify items from China versus the rest of the world.  The more we demand non-Chinese products, the more options we’ll get from these businesses. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you agree, please share with others. 

Let’s all do this!

-Jane Silek