We may be in a small town but we offer BIG service!

Blue Ink Original (formerly known as Professional Titles) has been in business since 1990.  Our staff is highly experienced and we’ve taken on new technology challenges with gusto!  We are always looking at the latest technology and offerings to see what can streamline our business and improve our offerings.  We started with our settlement platform; … Read more

We Can do Something about China

For years we have heard that we should buy products “Made in the USA”.  But China has done a great job of undercutting prices to entice us to buy Chinese products.  Amazon, Walmart, Target, 5 Below, Harbor Freight, Rural King and Dollar Stores (just to name a few) are full of cheap Chinese goods that … Read more

It’s an “E” World! Thanks to COVID-19, the Title Industry is Moving to E-Closings & E-Recording

The trend in the title industry has been heading towards E-Closings and E-Recordings for quite some time. Yet some of us have resisted (myself included) because of some risks, lack of cooperation from the various county clerks, and the lack of personal interaction. Well COVID-19 has forced us to dip our collective toe into the … Read more

Bye-Bye Hayes

We’re suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome here at Blue Ink Original.  Our boy is off to college – Guiding Eyes college.  Hayes past his entrance exam and is now in training and on his way to becoming a guide dog.  Very proud of our sweet boy and can’t wait to hear about his experiences.  Unfortunately, … Read more

Imagine there were no settlement agents…

Imagine if there were no settlement agents or attorneys who handled closings. You decide to buy a home. Your lender hands you a pile of paper and tells you to sign everything, and they hand you a suitcase full of money – hundreds of thousands of dollars. YOU have to figure out how much cash … Read more


Blue Ink Original is a local settlement company located in a home. Yes, it’s converted into an office and no, we don’t live here (even though it often feels like we do). We’ve worked hard to maintain a home-like atmosphere and we welcome our clients as we would friends to our home. When you come … Read more